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Ten AGW Myths
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Ten Global Warming Myths
from Jeff Id

Myth #1 - Temperatures are warmer today than ever in history.

The truth is we’re certain that temperatures were hotter than today in the past but how long ago we really don’t really know. The most popular temperature reconstructions are full of flawed math and data. Others don’t have enough verification to rely on them. Several show global temperatures 1000 years ago which are much higher than today and 3000 year old plants and trees have been found under retreating glaciers.

Myth #2 - There is a consensus among climatologists about global warming.

Most climatologists probably agree, but climatology is a small field funded by government organizations. Those who disagree openly, receive little funding but they do still exist. Weathermen, chemists, physicysts, foresters, solar experts, engineers and thousands of informed people recognize the issue isn’t settled.

Myth #3 - We will cross a tipping point and be unable to recover

This theory has little evidence to support it. To believe in this, you have to believe several things: we are warmer than ever, CO2 reserves will be released from massive ground melting and CO2 will heat the earth so much the process will spiral and melt all the ice. There is substantial evidence that the earth was warmer several times as recently as 3000 years ago yet there was no mass flooding. There was no massive release of CO2 recorded.

Myth #4 - Global warming will be universally destructive.

Global warming has presided over some of the best times in human history. Instead of mass famine we get massive food surplus. Instead of horrible drought and extinctions we get lush forests, increased plant growth and more inhabitable space for all creatures.

Myth #5 - CO2 is a pollutant

Carbon dioxide is plant food. Plants grow faster and more food is available to the critters of earth. Excessive carbon dioxide would be a bad thing for sure but in the last 100 years it is said that CO2 increased from 270 to 388 parts per million. This is an increase of 0.000118 or 0.0118%. But there is some substantial question about the accuracy of this number, numerous CO2 results were scrapped from 1900 to 1940 on the basis that something was wrong with them. In one report, every test scrapped showed higher historic levels than are comfortable for Global Warming scientists.

Myth #6 - CO2 rise was created by man.

While this makes sense at first, the jury is still out on this conclusion as well. The oceans contain 37,400 billion tons (GT) of suspended carbon, land biomass has 2000-3000 GT. The atpmosphere contains 720 billion tons of CO2 and humans contribute only 6 GT additional load on this balance. The oceans, land and atpmosphere exchange CO2 continuously so the additional load by humans is incredibly small. A small shift in the balance between oceans and air would cause a CO2 much more severe rise than anything we could produce. The reality is we just don’t know.

Myth #7 - CO2 will continue to rise indefinitely.

Feedback mechanisms in absorption will hold CO2 to a maximum level at some point. I would cite some numbers but I don’t believe science understands this any more than they understand historic temperature.

Myth #8 - The UN IPCC is trying to save the planet from global warming

The UN IPCC was formed before global warming was identified for the purpose of discovering if man made climate change was true, what are the damages that will occur as a result of this change and what can we do about it. The IPCC would cease to exist if any of the three questions were answered in the negative i.e no global warming, no damage from global warming and nothing we can do about it. They would loose their jobs.

Another important point about the IPCC is that if either of the last two questions had simple answers they would also be defunded. For example in the second question, if global warming was primarily a good thing (which it appears to be) there would be no money spent. For the third question, if the answer to solve global warming was simple and easy there would be no money spent on the IPCC. Governments always need more money and power so it should be no surprise that the IPCC concluded, global warming is man made, there will be huge planet crushing disaster and it is very expensive to fix. The IPCC is in this for other reasons.

Myth #9 - The science supports the IPCC conclusions

The IPCC is a political body which employs scientist to make a report. The politicians get final say on what goes into the report. Scientists who actually believe in global warming regularly warn the IPCC that their conclusions are the most extreme of the possibilities and to tone down their language. These scientists are regularly dismissed by the politicians.

Myth #10 - The IPCC is an unbiased source which doesn’t direct funding to research

This is false, while the IPCC doesn’t direct funding, it has subsidiary partners as part of the UN who direct funding according to IPCC recommendations. This funding is administered through an unbelievably complex network of organizations which penetrate national boundaries across the world. I tried to map it once, after 8 hours research I had hundreds of organizations all interconnected for the same goal. — Prove global warming is true or cease to have jobs.

Scientists who don’t support the government are naturally weeded out by subcommittees looking for specific evidence i.e, new directives for understanding tree ring temperature curves will always go to scientists who believe trees can actually reproduce temp and not to reasonable scientists who study trees but know otherwise.

The scientists who have reached the top of the IPCC are typically far left socialists who support much more than high taxation for global warming. These are the same people who declared consensus, and doom. The real purpose of the IPCC is government control and more money, that is why the worst science with the most extreme positions such as Mann08 rise to the top. Peer scientists accept these papers because the ends justify the means and they also like to have jobs.


I just hope the world wakes up in time.



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