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My favourite pages
Removing UHI Distortion Circling The Arctic - John Daly's temperatures
A CO2 Ice Hockey Stick? Circling The Arctic followup - some FAQ
Segalstad: Residence time of CO2 (+dogma) Circling The Arctic followup - answers to Tamino
Arctic and Antarctic issues Circling Yamal 1 - rogue treering records
CO2 flux & solubility thru the Oceans Clrcling Yamal 2 - meet the rogue trees
Ref notes about our atmosphere Circling Yamal 3 - facing the thermometers
  Hockey Stick: Stats NOT vindicated by North
Challenging the Science
Undersea Volcanic activity? Mauna Loa - impossible fit?
Endersbee - Sea surface temp & CO2 levels "Hide The Decline"
Automated Weather Stations in Antarctica GISS temperature records- British Isles
Ice and current CO2 records - problems Data issues
Background to ClimateGate
IPCC 1995: scientists' conclusions altered to fit Martin Durkin (Swindle) vs Bob Ward
IPCC 1995: key alterations Hijacking the American Meteorological Soc.
IPCC 2007 - false info about UHI corrections Peer Review issues
IPCC: a seriously flawed case Testimonies of Scientists
IPCC: how accurate & reliable are model projections? Real, Normal, and Post-normal science
  AGW: Restoring courtesy to the debate
Deconstructing AGW "answers to skeptics" AGW - the Greatest Fraud in History?
BBC's 10 "answers to skeptics" (work in progress) Who fights dirty?
Wider Science Issues  
CSICOP - fraudulent foundations The Electric Universe hypothesis
Proposal for a Skeptics' Wiki  


updated 5th February 2011



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